San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral Revisited

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My second posting of the beautiful Grace Cathedral high up on a hill in San Francisco. -K’lee L.

As we pass through this wintertime’s holiday season, I found myself searching previous photos taken throughout the year for something representative of the ‘spirit of times’. I found this photo, which I shot during the same time as the one belonging to this post 

Other than a slight blur effect to highlight the entrance, this is what San Francisco’s beautiful Grace Cathedral looks like practically any night of the week. I have to admit, taking this photo was the first time I had seen the cathedral at night. By the looks on the many faces around me, I wasn’t the only one!

Churches and their more ‘formal’ counterparts-cathedrals are of course used as a call to prayer, a symbol of one’s faith. They are calls to our communities to come together to renew and strengthen that faith and hopefully our love for each other and for God- however we name Him/Her.

Grace Cathedral, after you’ve made the ‘hike’ uphill to get to its locale, eludes a remarkable energy. I haven’t yet experienced a mass or ceremony here, but believe me when I tell you, I spent some time the evening of taking these photos with the camera down, allowing myself to become still and take in the feeling radiating from this structure.

Needless to say, that feeling felt wonderfully divine. ( …don’t think I’ve ever used those two words together before!)

If you find yourself visiting or passing through San Francisco this holiday season, I highly recommend making the (sorry-uphill… just want you to be prepared!) time to see this phenomenal architectural wonder.

If you are interested in what possible holiday programs Grace cathedral is providing this season, here’s a link!

K’lee L. ©2014

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