Another Summer Photo As a Winter/Holiday Reminder!

morning at the beach seagulls flying ocean photography

Rainy days make me think of sunnier times… like I had with these three gulls!
-K’lee L.

Having answered a photo challenge(my first!) today for my interpretation of the color YELLOW, I was easily able to return to the concept of yellow, which made me think of the sun, which in turn made me think of the continuous rain we’re having here in California. (see how my brain works?)

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’m NOT gonna complain; it’s needed, this rainfall, but I don’t think I’m the only one whose thoughts turn to sunnier or warmer times when faced with the sometimes continual bleakness of an ongoing winter storm.

In the photo challenge photo of my first post today, I chose a shot of a ‘caterpillar tractor’ doing its thing along the ocean shore on a bright and sunny day. These three gulls made today’s cut for a second photo choice because I shot this photo on the same morning as the caterpillar.

As a matter of fact, it was the sound of the caterpillar behind me that startled them into flight, setting me up for a fantastic photo opportunity.

I’ve spoken a few times in earlier posts about camera lens choice. The choice here was not only to use a telephoto lens, but capturing this type of ‘freeze-frame’ action shot requires (at least for me…) setting the camera to ‘continuous shooting mode’. For my camera (Nikon), continuous shot means approximately six shots per second.

Why would anyone want that many shots, you ask? Well, it’s often the case with trying to take a single shot, the action is moving too fast for you to get what your eye is registering at any one precise moment. Continuous shooting is going to give you choices to get what you saw… when you saw it.

With six shots a second, maybe that first one isn’t what you wanted. Maybe the second shot isn’t quite right either. But what if the third shot is exactly the shot you envisioned when you aimed at your subject?

Bright sunshine? an action/movement shot? three seagulls frolicking above the waves? I’m going to go with continuous shot mode every time.

In searching my photos for a summer reminder on a rainy winter’s day, it’s nice to know continuous shooting made this photo possible… that and a certain YELLOW CATERPILLAR!

K’lee L. ©2014

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