Blue Angels Soar: A Reminder That the Gift of the New Year is… You

New Year's Day beginnings fresh start

The gift of the New Year is… YOU. -K’lee L.

The beautiful blue and gold jets in this summertime photo belong to the world famous Blue Angels. I was fortunate enough to have been in town when the show happened and fortunate the skies were clear enough for plenty photos like this one.

Of all the shots I took that day, I chose this one as my ‘official New Year’s Day’ photo’ because of the trajectory of the jets, made more dramatic by the exhaust streaming out behind their formation on a clear blue sky.

I feel inspired by the Blue Angels every time I see them perform. They tend to make something difficult (their precision flying) look like a stroll in the park with each maneuver.

I could have simply posted the photo and my explanation of how it came into being, but I wanted- this New Year’s Day, to add something more, hence the eight ‘mini-messages’ dotted across the photo.

Like the Blue Angels, the first day of a new year inspires me; making me feel any dream I can imagine is possible with hard work, dedication, faith and focus.

We are each of us a gift; a wholly unique and supremely brilliant gift… IF we chose to see ourselves that way… that’s what the Blue Angels and New Year’s Day give to me each time I see them.

K’lee L. © 2014

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