Dawn Photography: City Silhouetted on a Golden Sky

San Francisco silhouette morning sky dawn meditation peace quiet gratitude

The sun slowly rises on another beautiful day.
-K’lee L.

More evidence the dawn speaks to me on a regular basis. I had no trouble interrupting my morning ride to stop and take in this particular view. As a matter of fact, I had no problem waiting for the sun to slowly arrive at this spot in the sky before deciding to take the shot. The distance I rode to get here warmed me up just fine.

I’ve said it before here on this blog; San Francisco is the recipient of some outstanding atmospherics all through the year. As I recall from a geography class I took once upon a time, Northern California shares a number of climate/environmental similarities with its Mediterranean cousins; Greece and Italy in particular. I’ve yet to verify these facts with my own eyes, bike, or trusty Nikon, but that day will come!

This sunrise shot happened last summer; a time in San Francisco known more for the coolness of the weather than the warmth most of the country tends to enjoy in the summer months. It’s one more weather ‘glitch’ I’m not bothered by.

As for biking in the new year so I can start photographing 2015? Current temps have been on the too- cool- for- getting- out- before- the- sun- is up. But, as it is with any point of the globe, conditions will change. I’m happiest with about fifty-five to sixty degrees. I shouldn’t have to wait too long for that to start becoming the norm here…

K’lee L. © 2015

5 thoughts on “Dawn Photography: City Silhouetted on a Golden Sky

    1. Thank you for that… it means more than you know and more than words can express.

      I guess it’s all about wanting to share the experience not just from the lens of the camera, but from the place where I first took notice, then on to how it moved me…

      I’ll make you a promise:
      I’ll keep doing my thing if you do the same?

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