Airshow Photography: Warm Weather, Blue Angels and Patriots, Oh My!

Having started the year with a post containing a shot of the world-famous Blue Angels flying team(with a little graffiti thrown in!), I realized I actually had a good deal of photos from that particular photo shoot… might as well load up a few more.

airshow jets patriot flying squad Alcatraz San Francisco

The Patriot flying team buzzing the tower of Alcatraz


As much as I enjoy watching the Blue Angels do their thing, it was nice to see  this group, The Patriots, included in the show. It proved to be a good choice whoever made it as the Patriots were a fantastic addition. At one point, the two squads took turns in a sort of ‘friendly competition’ and send the fans wild!

Blue Angels flying squad jets full moon San Francisco

A bit of ‘composite’ work of a few of my favorite things.

My previously mentioned Blue Angel post from the summer found me talking/writing a little about the ‘continuous shooting mode’ of DSLR cameras. I’m certain this shot of the Angels would never have happened without continuous firing mode. If you’ve got a camera that offers you this feature, and most DSLRs these days do, I highly suggest becoming friends with it. Three, four, six shots a second (or more in some cases) is going to give you lots of photo choices, allowing you to keep only the ones you deem good or great.

Blue Angels San Francisco flying formation jets

I don’t imagine I’ll EVER know what THIS feels like!

More continuous mode goodness! Inverted close company formations like this one never cease to amaze me. I love being outdoors to see shows like this. It was made all the more fantastic because the huge crowd I saw them with enjoyed the show just as much as I did.

Every now and then, all the elements for a perfect day come together: good summertime weather ( a BIG deal in San Francisco!), a phenomenal airshow, and a crowd who felt the same way I did about being there.

It was a perfect day in my book!

K’lee L.©2015



9 thoughts on “Airshow Photography: Warm Weather, Blue Angels and Patriots, Oh My!

    1. Hey Andy, thank you so much for your comment.
      That day will live in my memory for quite some time! I’ll be sure to do more posts with some of the others I captured that day… and there were lots!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I didn’t have to do too much except with the Alcatraz fly-by. I couldn’t get that one looking like I wanted because of the colors in the buildings! Still I’m happy you liked them and I was actually there that day to capture them.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the comment! Yes, it was literally a perfect day both weather-wise and with what I managed to shoot. Thankfully I’d been doing lots of ‘continuous mode’ shooting leading up to that weekend so I ended up with lots of photos to choose from.
      I’ll be sure to post more and possibly a few more of the graphics I created from the pictures as well. Hoping to see more of your work too!


  1. I VERY much look forward to seeing your pictures from the air show and beyond. I also appreciate the tip about the site DPreview. I will be heading over there in a few minutes to look around. I’m certain I will pick up more that a few good tips from that site! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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