Photography Composites: Flight For the Wingless

fly photography fantasy imagination ideas graphics pictures dawn morning

I may not have wings, but I know how to FLY!

I’d love to have the power of flight. There, I said it, I meant it, I shared it! I don’t believe I’m alone in this fantasy. Many of you may also have at some point wished for the same gift. Don’t get me wrong, I realize there are all sorts of biological, structural, physical, mental, evolutionary changes that I’d need to confront and perhaps change to do what I’m doing in this photo. Oddly, if I REALLY give thought to all the changes I’d need to pass through to obtain the gift of true flight, I may just change my mind; seek out something requiring a little less drama.

Luckily, I love photography. I also love the dawn, the sea/ocean, and most things belonging to the great outdoors. These days it’s not so challenging to put a few of these elements together in order to create a graphic like the one up above showing me calmly floating out over the bay with my bird companion. Direct photography, the ‘point, click, you’re done’ variety will never go out of style for me, but I’m happy to say the imaginative kid in me, the one who could spend hours in some sort of make-believe world, is alive and well. I’m learning to nurture that kid; give him more and more say in the direction of my creativity. He’s more than a little responsible for this one.

I’m glad he showed up with the suggestion.

K’lee L. © 2015


4 thoughts on “Photography Composites: Flight For the Wingless

  1. You’re my kind of guy K’lee, so I’m really glad you found my site somehow, because now I found yours, and since I’m now following your Blog, I’ll be back to see what other great ideas you come up with (btw, I really liked the photo-composition you did). Sometimes I create stuff through my imaginative kid, but he tends to work mostly with words. Just the other day, a young girl I know wrote a poem that someone seemed to critique a little too harshly for my liking, so my little kid came to the rescue when he wrote down these following words which I sent her as a comment and cheered her right back up (at least that’s what her reply to me indicated) :
    “The reflection of the writer’s soul is not to be judged, or critiqued, but merely accepted as the shade of the truth with which God blessed that day the writer’s pen.”
    Sorry about the length of the comment, but when I meet the right kind of people, I sometimes get excited. Read you later.

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    1. Perhaps we’re kindred souls, my friend because i enjoy writing and reading so I’m going to thank you for your reply!
      That’s a great thing you did, using your words to inspire someone who needed the lift. I’d like to see more of us going the same thing. We never know when our words can make someone’s day.
      I thank you for making the visit to my site! The composites are something I really enjoy doing and will do more as time goes on.
      I’ll be back to see what you’re doing from time to time so keep up the great work!


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