Building a Better World Starts With YOU.

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Imagine it, in its finest details and life may just help you realize it!
-K’lee L.

I like finding posts which speak to me on a deeper level. Oftentimes, they aren’t posts dealing with photography, which is a major focal point for this little blog of mine. I tend to re-blog posts that in their own right are powerfully realized to the page, filled with beauty, truth, humor or realness.

Earlier today I re-blogged two posts from two different bloggers. I didn’t start the day off knowing I would make this choice, I simply found myself reading both post several times and thought others might feel the same way I did. I get the feeling a lot of you who re-blog follow a similar concept.

As I returned home, I felt inspired enough to make a post of my own! ‘Building a Better World… is a graphic born from ideas mentioned in both today’s earlier posts.

You don’t need to surround yourself in an oxygen bubble while floating through the air over a primordial  sea to build a better world (me and my fantasy graphics!). I’m thinking its OK to just start where you are, do the things you love, and allow as many people as possible to see you doing the things you love. The person doing the thing you love… that’s the real you.

If you inspire one person by being this person, a better world is on its way to being built, whether you see evidence of it or not.

I love riding my bike, photography, graphic creation, music-making. I like sharing these parts of myself with others. My hope is somewhere along the way someone’s going to see me doing what I do and you know, start building their better world too!

K’lee L. ©2015

14 thoughts on “Building a Better World Starts With YOU.

    1. You’ve ‘hit the nail on the head’ there. I’ll never believe it’s necessary to share EVERYTHING about yourself (some can, I try not to!), but I believe more and more people are seeing their opinions, beliefs, likes, dislikes about all kinds of things can and do help others all over the world sometimes. I can’t think of anything cooler than that!

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    1. Yes, Hakeem, more and more my passion is for not only understanding my world and how it is evolving, but accepting my place in it and how to take what I’ve been given to inspire others.
      I feel strongly there is a global ‘awakening’ taking place, an awakening of consciousness. For me this is very exciting, even though the path to fuller understanding and utilization of this energy must be tread lightly, respectfully, and with continual awareness!

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        1. Again, I agree! Staying present in this moment, this day allows for better focus and better understanding. I’ve seen too many people lost in negative attitudes not realizing it’s the negative part holding them back from ‘figuring it out’.

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