BCAF 2015: Report Back

Thanks goes out to thenerdsofcolor for the original posting. A PHENOMENAL event I learned about the first of its two-day showing. A big up to all involved. Hope to see many more!

The Nerds of Color

This past weekend was so much more than a con for me. I’ve been to over one hundred cons in my life, and I have never felt like this two days later. Most con experiences are a blur — panel after panel, film premiere, then hundreds of dollars later I go home and the memory of the con evaporates. I read all the books, rock the shirts, find choice places to display the exclusives I copped, and then it is on to the next. But BCAF was an entirely different convention. Convention is too limiting of a word for the inaugural Black Comix Arts Festival that happened in San Francisco over this past the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King holiday. Church? Still too limiting. Black Sacred Space is closer, but it still falls short. BCAF was less a convention than it was a reinvention, commitment, and celebration of the black…

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6 thoughts on “BCAF 2015: Report Back

    1. It really is a shame this phenomenally creative city is becoming so imbalanced. I guess every pendulum has to swing both ways and maybe when enough of the real things that make S.F. incredible have been incorporated elsewhere, reinstating artistic energy will become a priority. That’s my hope anyway!

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        1. I can still recall the first ‘Dot Com’ boom and the insanity it bought to the city! It forced lots or small businesses (especially in the Mission) to move elsewhere or out of business, not to mention what happened with rents.
          Once it began to collapse under its own hype… well, we had a moment of ‘creative clarity and regrouping’.
          I read an interesting jobs stat the other day concerning the tech industry. The largest loss of tech-related jobs just happened within the last quarter. While I feel for anyone who loses a job because of events outside of their control, perhaps it has more to do with that pendulum we spoke of earlier?

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          1. That’s interesting. It’s hard to tell, isn’t it? When something is ending or if it’s just some kind of dip. I just sit back and watch. I have a strong belief in things/people will either adapt to the new way of being or the “new way of being” will change.

            But to your point about the Mission, I remember driving up Dolores in the dead of night, it must have been mid to late nineties, and a car was just sitting there on fire in the middle of the street. Nothing happening, no fire engines, nobody running outside to see what was up. It was just such a “dangerous” neighborhood. Dolores street at 14th! Where everybody now stands on line for 3 hours to eat brunch. It’s amazing the contrast.

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          2. Yes, it’s true, one never knows does one? Like you, I tend to obzerv(ashunal!), trusting what is needed by the collective consciousness is what will come to pass, hopefully with ‘evolutionary lessons’ learned which ultimately lift us all!

            That’s a fascinating memory/analogy concernng the Mission! I remember so often not wanting to see the devastation to a sector of the city so vibrant and alive. Perhaps San Francisco will come to look like director J.J. Abrahams’ ‘Star Trek’ rendition… which could be pretty cool, actually!

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