In My Observations Full Circle Moments Can Happen Any Time, Are You Ready?

observation insight thoughts mindfulness meditation belief growth self worth commitment  strive work faith

Just my way of coming around ‘full circle’!
-K’lee L.

As I approach the one year anniversary of this little blog of mine, I find myself meditating on what ‘Obzervashunal’ has come to mean to me. In many ways, it starts with this bendy photo (turned recent graphical representation!) of me used previously for my ‘about me’ page. I saw it then pretty much the way I see it now. Being observant; challenging myself to really look at life is key to understanding who I am and my reason for being here in the first place. For as much as I wanted this blog to focus on all of my creative outlets, whether it be music, writing, photography, graphics creation, what has come to pass is decidedly different from what I envisioned almost a year ago as I struggled with giving birth to and letting go of that first handful of posts! I might add, I still don’t do too much editing- maybe I should. Looking back at some of those early posts I realize they deserve a fresh coat of ‘word/picture/graphic paint’. This graphic has become something of a meditative image for me; that constant reminder to never give up the search for deeper expression or higher understanding of where that expression ultimately comes from. A good friend once said to me, K’lee, you are the Creator in and of your life. Owning this title will open up your potential, your heart, and your spirit like nothing else’. Did I understand what SongWriter (my great good friend) was asking me to consider at the time? No. All those years ago, I had just begun  asking questions of that caliber both of myself and of life. I knew then, all those years ago, it would take time to unravel the mysteries behind a statement so deep, and it has! It doesn’t mean like many of us, I don’t have my days of doubt and hesitation- I do. It has become easier to ‘down shift’ back into my peace and with my reclaimed peace, back into ‘creative mode’. So, with a year of Obzervashunal exploits under my belt, I can honestly say when I think on SongWriter’s comment now, I’m able to celebrate it, embrace it, claim it with an open heart and spirit. This blog may not fit the preconceived notions I had for it in its infancy, but I have a feeling many of us see our creative evolution in a similar light (not what you started out imagining, but still worth continuing) and if you don’t, I hereby invite you to also take on the title of Creator with a capital ‘C’. Full circle moments of deeper understanding can happen for us at any time. I know, ’cause I’m in the midst of one right… Now. K’lee L. ©2015

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