Morning Photography: I Brake For Zen Rock Gardens

rocks garden peace beach ocean San Francisco photography dawn Baker's Beach

who says a rock garden can’t bring you to peace?
-K’lee L.

A morning hike a few months back bought me to a sector of beach I rarely get to experience. San Francisco’s Baker’s Beach is a beautiful stretch of seashore parked almost directly beneath the iconic Golden Gate Bridge (the same GGB a few of my biking posts include).

I give major props to the folks who make time to create these beautiful monolithic structures from the surrounding beach rocks. Glad I discovered this one.

K’lee L. ©2015

12 thoughts on “Morning Photography: I Brake For Zen Rock Gardens

      1. I have been trying to branch into photography and I’ve found out the equipment is as important as perspective. I own a very old film Nikon but I can’t use it cos of the cost of developing film and the frustration of not knowing what your shots look like before you develop your negatives


        1. I agree that the combination of equipment and perspective are both important, but I certainly don’t buy into the notion one must have the most expensive, feature-intensive camera in order to create the most breath-taking shots! Fantastic work can be done with budget cameras too. The number one trick in my opinion is whatever camera you have, learn absolutely everything you can about how it works, what it can do, and what it can’t do. I took this approach with my Nikon and find myself not only getting phenomenal shots time and again, but I’m enjoying the process of photography more as I make time to learn more. I see on many sites people who own and shoot with many cameras and lenses. If this works for them, fine, but again I simply don’t subscribe to it being a necessity. Check out this site DP review The info I’ve found there has helped me numerous times in the past.

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          1. yea, i agree with you. I am still a long way for developing any skill yet and i seen to not have enough time to learn. but i will prioritize it. Thank you very much for sharing.

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          2. A word of friendly advice? Don’t wait to ‘become good enough’. Be good enough now, right now, in this moment as you read these words.
            I wholly believe that adopting this attitude now will bring you to quicker awareness of what you need to do to make it become your new reality… I have no doubt this will happen for you.



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