KLDesignz: A Zazzle Featured Product, KLDream Cruise Commuter Laptop Bag

The last in a ‘three pack’ of Dream Cruise motif offerings over at KLDesignz.
OK, so if I WAS going on a cruise, (it would be a first!) I guess I’d want to take a few things with me like… socks and stuff… oh, and my camera, a few books, you know. If the laptop was to come with me and it would ONLY be to help process and store all the pictures I took… (cough, cough!) I’d likely want/need a bag like this one. But, as mentioned a few times already, I’m not going on a cruise, SO problem solved!

K’lee L. ©2015

'KLDream Cruise' Commuter Laptop Bag

I might not be going on a cruise, but you can! No, really!

‘KLDream Cruise’ Commuter Laptop Bag by KLDesignz
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