Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

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Laughter really is the best medicine. In case you’ve forgotten, it looks a bit like this. – K’lee L.

I am indebted to the rapid-fire comic styling of the great mojoshawn for providing a few much-needed laughs to an otherwise sedate morning. If you’ve not paid a visit to his site yet, and enjoy excellent writing laced with well-placed slices of brilliance, this is the guy.

Perhaps one day I’ll devote a ‘full’ piece on the power of laughter and it’s psychological/spiritual benefits (in my humble obzervashuns!). Until that time, I’ll just say I love laughter and people who take it seriously enough to keep finding reasons to do it!

My theme for the day then is, you guessed it, LAUGHTER.

The following link happens in two parts: The first gives ten facts you may not know about laughter. The second and maybe the best part is a short clip of one of the internet’s many star; a baby with a laugh like no other!

Check both segments out here.

K’lee L. © 2015

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