Nature Photography: Misty Morning Mallards

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Like stealthy ninja, these mallards were in the water one moment, under my tree the next. – K’lee L.

We may not be experiencing the craziness of back-to-back winter storms like so many living on the East Coast, but we here in Northern California get our occasional ‘winter-like’ conditions too.

This past January I’m told was the driest January California’s experienced since weather recording began. One would need to travel inland to see the real effects of this. In other words, we could probably stand a few storms sooner than later.

I shot and posted this picture as a way to give thanks for a beautiful day of decent temperatures, warm sun, and beautifully colorful mallard ducks!

Golden Gate Park is a massive, sprawling tract of park lands gorgeous from just about any of its many entry points. This area is somewhat new to me, but I’ve never seen a sunny, tree- filled lake front I didn’t immediately like.

I took a seat to watch the ducks frolick in the water for a bit. I looked away for two seconds, looked back and the ducks were literally next to my feet! I guess they just wanted to show me what they were capable of before moving away to go explore the big tree in the middle of the picture.

I’ve got new respect for mallards. I never knew they had it in them to be stealthy like ninja!

K’lee L. copyright 2015

14 thoughts on “Nature Photography: Misty Morning Mallards

    1. Funny you should say that because as I was leaving the biggest one came quacking up behind me and actually told me half of their mallard order were… TRAINED BY NINJAS!
      I said, “Get the …. outta here!” to which he replied, “If I’m lyin’ I’ll be fryin’!”
      You know what this means? I now consider myself on a mission to expose the park’s stealthy ninja mallards while they’re training! It won’t be an easy task, let me tell you!

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    1. Mallards really are pretty cool.
      Are we due for rain finally??? I need to pay more attention to the daily forecasts! Yes, we definitely need it. I’d be willing to give up a chunk of days and (nights) out and about on foot and bike to see it happen.

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    1. I figure I won’t start to worry until I see them looking like they’re worried! Something tells me Mother Nature will always find a way to right herself, with or without our assistance!


      1. I think you’re right. But I fear that in California’s case, the adjustment will be that the state becomes (I think it already is) a desert. That is/would be bad news for the sort of population density we have! Time to scrap the golf courses and almond groves, and outlaw carwashing.

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        1. Ha! And the masses revolt! Give up car washes and GOLF COURSES??? Yet stranger things have happened due to the belief of a single person… I’ll maintain my faith, but continue to keep an eye on the ducks!


  1. I showed your picture to a couple of our Canadian Mallards who immediately blushed when they realized just how much water they had splashed all over the ground taking their morning bath. And if you think Ninja Mallards are strange, try picturing a duck that’s blushing right through his feathers?! Now that’s weird.

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    1. Ha! I need to see those Canadian Mallards! Ours here in San Francisco haven’t shown me they blush yet, but you never know. Perhaps I’ll try a few of my jokes on them see what kind of response I get?


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