In My Mind’s Eye: Storm Over the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco rain storm lightning graphics photography creativity Golden Gate Bridge

In honor of the current weather conditions of my beloved Bay Area – K’lee L.

In my last post I made mention of the fact that the Bay Area, California actually, was experiencing a major drought. While this is still true, I’m happy to say we are currently getting LOTS of rain! It’s been coming down, at times pretty darn hard for several days now, so here’s to hoping the hardest hit drought areas in the state experience at least some relief. (I’m told snowfall in the higher elevations REALLY help!)

When possible, I try  to get out Sunday mornings for either a hike or a bit of cycling out over San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge. While I was aware the weather forecasts said rain today, I wrongly believed I could beat its coming on the strength of my intentions alone. Needless to say biking was a definitive NO WAY and hiking…well, after lots of shuffling back and forth (it happens!), I did head out with my king-sized umbrella hoping the rain wouldn’t turn into an epic DELUGE as I wound my way through my favorite pre-dawn walking paths.

Turns out it wasn’t too bad! I got blown sideways a few times, but if all the runners I saw out and about could take it, so could I. Besides, unlike nearly all the runners, walkers, and cyclists I saw, I did have my umbrella AND my truly cool PLASTIC PONCHO so again, no complains.

That brings me to today’s photo/graphic!

In honor of the wet n’ wild weather we’re immersed in here in the Bay Area, I’ve created a graphic of the kind of storm I wish we could get more often. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: When you’re born during a tempest as I was, you more than likely either hate storms or positively love them… which is the case for me!

Funny thing, ‘by accident’ I ended up for a short while at the ocean yesterday. I didn’t expect to be there, but once I arrived, boy was I happy to be there! It’s been some time since I saw surf  like yesterday’s. Thankfully, I remembered to take some photos AND video so I may post some of the footage as soon as I figure the best way to make it happen!

K’lee L. copyright 2015

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