KLDesignz: A Zazzle Featured Product Times Three!

Alright, so I figure one product at a time is kind of ‘stretching it’. In other words, maybe several products which, are somewhat related to each other say by category may work out better! This way you get to see, well you get it. With that philosophy in mind, today’s ‘feature’ is a threesome of PHONE CASES beginning with the recently released iPhone 6. I’ve given this case, called ‘Barely There’ my ‘Hunter’s Moon’ graphical treatment. Kinda works out nice!

Next up we have the case for the venerable iPad Mini. Not an actual ‘phone case’, but handy for those times when you don’t want to use your phone, or forgot your phone, or dare I say it… LOST your phone? Here’s to hoping that’s never ever YOU and if it is, maybe the story ends well because your iPad Mini (covered by my ‘World of Music’ designed case!) helps you find it!

Last but certainly not least, another ‘World of Music’ case. This time for the still pretty popular Samsung Galaxy S3. Not the latest in the line, I know, but the good news is you are offered the option to switch the case for a later model if you in fact own a later model. That’s not a bad idea, guys. And, like its ‘distant cousin the iPhone 6, it looks nice!

So, there you have it. A threesome of smart phone/smart tablet cases for my Zazzle showcase today.

Oh, here’s a quick link to my Zazzle Store, where you’ll find more… THINGS. Hey, you never know!

K’lee L. © 2015

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