Morning Meditation: The Healing Effects of Time Spent With Nature

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Spending time in nature is the greatest (med)itation of them all. -K’lee L.

I say it lots here on the Obzervashunal, getting out into nature, especially in the morning is curative to me. I love being in nature. I suppose the older I get, the more I relish and cherish my time spent biking, hiking, walking, sitting (not too much!) out where I can see and smell and touch and feel nature doing what nature does. (healing and uplifting me and many of you too!)

We humans are tactile, sensory creatures; we were meant to spend time with nature. I get that this is not a possibility for many people for more reasons than my paltry blog can list, but if you have access to nature be it a babbling brook; the MIGHTY OCEAN; a beach; the mountains; a peaceful forest, you owe it to yourself to partake if and when you can. If you feel a tenth of what I do when I go on one of my jaunts… it’s worth it.

I write this piece without the benefits of deeper research, but I’m certain if I were now to dig a little deeper into the existing global data pointing towards what effects being in nature has on longevity, our sense of well-being, our ability and capacity to love, and so many other ‘human functions’, the information would fill several books, maybe hundreds!

I remember taking this picture last year (with the help of a tripod!) and when I got home, immediately naming it ‘Morning Meditations’. The name felt right on every level I could think of. I’ve talked about what being at the ocean does to me, what biking (the GGB!) does to me through a good number of posts here.  It never changes! The same feelings and sense of ‘rightness’ greet me EVERY time and I am GRATEFUL for the experiences.

These days, I try to clear the ‘thought centers’ of my brain before starting a new day. I do it so a new day can feel… new, full of possibility.

Getting out into nature in the morning is a meditation and medication for me.

Know what?

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

K’lee L. © 2015

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