A Graphically Imagined Remake of an Apocalypse Sky

photography graphics sky storms apocalypse lightning rain wind imagination K'lee L. Obzervashunal

Believe me, I love storms, but NOT this kind! – K’lee L.

WARNING: This graphic in no way represents the type of sky I wish to look up one day and see hanging above me! I am more than content to keep the skies above as free of the type of EPIC phenomenon said graphic conjures up in my head.

The real story behind the piece is a lot simpler. One day not too long ago, I was looking at some of my earliest posting from the infancy of this blog. I found the original ‘Apocalypse Sky’ post ( titled ‘Apocalyptic Cloud Cover) and realized I basically didn’t have such a ‘complete’ idea for it at the time. I didn’t even connect many words to it so there It sat, collecting blog-dust … until now.

Call it ninety percent the continued honoring of the several days of rain we recently experienced here in drought-stricken California, and ten percent blog post remake. Yes, that feel right to me!

I guess if I could peel off one of those percentage points for another reason to create a graphic of this nature it would be back to the old: ‘I just enjoy creating, using my imagination and experimenting with various ideas, color, concepts, and what have you. The original post is what came to me one day, this is what showed up today… I’m willing to go with it without actually wishing an apocalypse into existence!

I did moments ago get curious as to what ideas might be floating around out there from other artists. Here’s a link to some interesting and dare I say it, beautiful images created by different minds than mine.

My last post depicts a (virtual) lightning storm over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. If I were fortunate enough to witness such a storm; to be in the proximity of the Golden Gate Bridge, I’d consider myself kind of lucky.

If instead I headed outside for a hike or a bike ride and looked up into this one?

Not so much!

K’lee L. ©2015

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