Morning Photography: The Power to Make it Rain at Sunrise

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If you could make it rain whenever you wanted, would you?

I’ve never met a quay wall I didn’t instantly want to jump on and stand on one leg! OK, that’s not true, this was the first, but like I state so often here, the morning is sacred to me. My joy is in the day’s first light and if that first light happens to be rising over a quay wall at the marina, then it’s my job to jump up and stand on one leg…

Of the two weather effects happening in this shot, you guessed it, only one of them happened naturally. Not to say sun and rain can’t occur simultaneously; they can and do in many parts of the world even San Francisco occasionally. In this photo it’s the sunshine that’s real and the rain effect is my  recent ‘add on’.

More and more I enjoy the act of experimenting with my shots, really looking to do new things even if those new things are subtle changes. The true joy remains in the creating, the having fun while expressing myself through the art form.

The rain effect (through glass) used here is actually very simple; done in one or two steps. I’m currently learning lots of new ways to enhance my photos and graphics. I’ll continue to post various experiments and perhaps as was the case with my previous post where I ‘blog-traveled’ back to an old post/graphic and decided to give it a fresh coat of paint, I’ll update a few others.

In the caption above, I ask the question: Would you make it rain whenever you wanted if you found you could? I’m thinking I’d like the ability to make ‘micro burst’, small showers confined to small areas so as not to rain on anyone else’s parade or … quay wall standing…

K’lee L. © 2015

13 thoughts on “Morning Photography: The Power to Make it Rain at Sunrise

    1. I’m visualizing the ‘watching TV and eating soup! Be careful though with working on the drought with your newly discovered powers… certain ‘officials’ might start showing up with all kinds of ‘special projects’ they need your help with. Before you know it, no more soup on Sundays!

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        1. Exactly! But to make them ‘toe the line’ a bit more you could make a few micro bursts follow them around.. especially on Sundays when they’re having soup! It might just make them become a little more compassionate?

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