Morning Photography: Rainy Day Renderings in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park San Francisco  park forest trees rain weather sky Spring

Another case of the best possible shot of the day is the one waiting right behind you! – K’lee L.

On a recent morning in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park spent watching the impressive antics of a group of ninja-like mallard ducks, this photo almost didn’t happen. I only noticed its photo worthiness as I was leaving the park. It’s one more instance of becoming a bit more comfortable with the ‘tools of my trade’. I speak of experimentation with everything from re-lighting the environment, to cropping out one portion of a shot to bring stronger focus to another, to adding, you guessed it – rain!

Daring to experiment with a photo’s original composition can end up changing the entire mood of the work, allowing it to say things you might never have considered. This is a proposition I’m learning to enjoy more and more with each photo opportunity.

For instance, the day of this shot was a mixture of strong cloudiness and intermittent sun; not the best of shooting conditions. A few years back, I may have thought the photo’s possibilities not worth exploring. These days the challenge is one I can get excited about!

K’lee L. © 2015


6 thoughts on “Morning Photography: Rainy Day Renderings in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park

  1. Love how you explore the new potentials of a shot and give a new mood to it, your mood so to say. I myself added recently to my other blog photography, and I really love and enjoy “altering” the images accordingly to accommodate my “mood” swings. It is indeed exiting even do some oppose to the concept of manipulating, I say go for it and explore every possibility and create your own version of the world from your imagination. Great post, beautiful image!

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    1. Eva, first I say thank you for this comment! You’ve put it into words that show me you really know where I’m coming from creatively.
      Like you, I do ‘feel’ my photos and am compelled to either lightly rework or heavily modify according to what I ‘see and feel’ at the time. I use to stay away from this for the reason you mentioned; other people saw image manipulation as a ‘less than’ so I simply followed with that mentality… until I decided there could be more to being creative than following one pathway only.
      I suppose if I let myself be concerned only with ‘the numbers’ then keeping it conventional would be one of the best route to make that happen.
      Fortunately, both you and I see creating along similar paths: ‘create your own version of the world from your imagination’. (powerful words, Eva!)
      I couldn’t have said it better, so thank you again!

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    1. Thank you! I didn’t see the ‘wintry castle’ until I read your words… yes, you’re right and yes, this scene was directly behind me when I was playing with the mallards in GGP!
      Spring here really is a great time to get to the park with a camera. I’m on a mission to do more park shots…

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