KLDesigns: Featured Product, The Brazilian Rain Forest Laptop Bag

Brazil, rain forest, parrot, KLDesignz, Zazzle

Deep in the Brazilian rain forest a parrot radiates in the rain

What’s with all the bags? I’ll tell you! When I started creating ‘items’ for my Zazzle site, I immediately set out asking folks I know what items made the most sense. Bags were one of the overwhelming favorite responses. Even three year-old Corinna, my buddy Cory’s daughter offered a resounding, ‘Bags!’ reply to the question. (could be she simply had fun echoing Mommy’s reply… but then again maybe she’s a young lady who knows a thing or two?)

With that straightened out, KLDesignz, with the assistance of the very cool Rickshaw Bagworks company, (also here in currently sunny San Francisco!) offers one more in a growing line of… um, BAGS for your carrying considerations! This one’s graphic is called, ‘Brazilian Rain Forest’. I admit it’s a place I have yet to visit, but my friend Paul goes just about every year so…maybe… 2016… OLYMPICS??? …just saying…

Brazilian Rain Forest Rickshaw Commuter Laptop Bag
Brazilian Rain Forest Rickshaw Commuter Laptop Bag by KLDesignz
View other Brazilian rain forest Laptop Bags at Zazzle.com

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