Wildlife Photography: This One’s For The Ladies of Mallard Lake!

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Many male birds may get the colors, but the ladies get the poise and style!
– K’lee L.

I’ve been aware of this ‘nature factoid’ for years, but it’s always worth mentioning for those who may not know: For many bird species it’s the guys who get the riotous, outrageous, down right gorgeous feather colors and markings, whereas oftentimes their female counterparts can seem plain by comparison.

I can take you back several posts ago to my bit on the (stealthy ninja-like) mallards of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park as one example. The guys are the ones with the rich, vibrant hues. It really is hard to not look at them first, but if ever there was a case for the women holding their own in the looks department, I offer this striking young lady of ‘mallard lake’.

It’s often the case of late I have far more pictures than I know what to do with. This wouldn’t be too much of an issue if I had a little more organization happening with my shots. I’m working on it and can happily report these days I do better finding things than say a year ago.

Having a bit more of a handle on my photos, it wasn’t too hard finding this shot. It comes from the very first batch I took at the Palace of Fine Arts lake here in S.F.. You don’t have to look too hard to see this mallard beauty is well, BEAUTIFUL. She obviously doesn’t need to be red, blue, green and any other color her male companions sport. These rich browns, white, and  subtle blues are more than enough and as I pointed my camera at her, the fluffing of her feathers and slight tilt of her yellow bill told me she knew it too!

One of the coolest things about ‘mallard lake’ here at the Palace of Fine Arts (my new name for it!) is the swans, ducks, and various other birds are pretty used to people. They don’t care much for barking dogs (taking to the wing at the first RUFF!), but respectful, mild-mannered people pointing cameras (and occasionally giving bits of bread for all their hard work posing!) don’t seem to ruffle too many feathers around these parts.


K’lee L. © 2015

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