Ocean Photography: Sepia Toned Filtered Fantasy

landscape, sea, ocean, sepia, filter, brown, dust, ancient,  aged

Sepia toned filters are a great way to make a photo very DRAMATIC.- K’lee L.

I don’t typically do lots of black and white photography. I added a black and white sub category to my main menu so I’d be inspired to experiment more, and I have. I do even less sepia styled shots like the one posted here (from a recent ocean shoot). Again, it had almost nothing to do with like or dislike for the filtering style, I guess I simple don’t get around to it much.

This shot and several others done on the same day have changed my mind on sepia toned filtering possibilities. I started to post a ‘side-by-side’ of the original photo with this one, but thought against it. One of the things sepia filtering can do is ignite the imagination of the viewer, perhaps getting them to dig a little deeper into their imagination to come up with what the missing colors would look like or could look like if they were creating the image.

Photography and possibly all art at its best should get us asking questions and yes, using our imaginations! I find myself considering the displaced colors to this shot even having instant access to its original. I like that my brain automatically goes there, seeking the color data.

There’s a distinct possibility I’ll add a ‘sepia toned’ sub menu heading to this blog. I feel like I’ve been missing out on an exciting and dramatic new way to retell the story of my photos. There will be MORE!

If you’re a photographer or enjoy taking the occasional snap and haven’t tried it, I highly recommend giving it a go. Lots of cameras from low-end to high offer this option right on the camera so additional software isn’t always needed. This shot was done through software I sometimes use, but even my phone can offer something similar so no excuses!

K’lee L. © 2015

28 thoughts on “Ocean Photography: Sepia Toned Filtered Fantasy

    1. I’d be interested to start that dialogue for sure.
      Along with my photography I have several books (photo and literary works) in the pipeline using my photos for covers.
      Let me know if you’ve got something in mind?


        1. Well, if you’d like you could e-mail me with a few possibilities related to any of my work you’ve seen here on my blog. My e-mail’s name is the same as the blog with a gmail.com thrown in at the end.
          If you feel something I’ve created might fit the bill for your latest, we can take it from there?


  1. You should definitely use the sepia more often! That photograph is beautiful!

    I persoanlly love sepia tones. They add so much warmth to the photos and this slightly aged look as though it were from a different time and era. Nostalgic…that’s the word. They give an air of nostalgia to the photos.

    Looking forward to seeing more sepias and black and whites! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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