Why Generation Y won’t be on Mars One

imageWell done and very thought provoking. I find myself wondering if I would take a chance like this knowing there’s no returning home… I want to reblog this in the hopes that a few folks over here across the pond will read, consider, think, and readjust if necessary.

Thanks goes to  izinspired for writing and sharing this!

A fresh, young perspective on current affairs and all that jazz.

One hundred applicants have been shortlisted for a once in a lifetime mission to Mars. The final twenty four who are selected will take a seven month journey to the Red Planet and never return.


They will leave everything on earth behind in the hope of colonizing Mars so that future generations can live there. At present, technology for a return flight does not even exist, and MIT have suggested that life on Mars is currently only feasible for 68 days.

Several of those shortlisted said that leaving boyfriends, girlfriends and worried mums behind was worth it all for the chance to be a part of history.

A chance.

I can look at what these people have signed up to and admire them. But comprehend them, I cannot.

Whilst I am independent and strong minded , I’m also a product of this fast-food, fibre-optic broadband generation.

If it’s not instant…

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