Flower Photography: The Other Side of the Black and White Experiment

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The restoration of a flower’s color is kind of… restorative! – K’lee L.

Here she is (or here they are seems more appropriate), the orchids from my previous post, restored to their original colorful selves. I have to admit, seeing both sides of the flower on my darkened main page speaks volumes as to just how different, how extreme the absence of color from something we know possesses color feels. The color, for me, imbues flowers with a sense of not just life, but power. I still recall standing in the middle of the Fort Mason exhibit hall, surrounded by orchids and yes, power is what I felt.

I’m thankful to all who took a minute to weigh in on the first shot; the black and white variant. If you’re so inclined don’t hesitate to add you thoughts to those already there. I know for me it doesn’t seem to matter how many times I look at the first of these two shots. I see and feel something missing. I can almost feel my brain registering the missing elements as billions of silent calculations per second, causing chemical changes OK, maybe it doesn’t cause that inner turmoil, but  what if it did? I think it’s safe to say many… most of us notice the lack of color in things inherently colorful and that ‘lack’ can affect us in a multitude of ways. Here’s an interesting piece I discovered on Color Psychology.

That is why I’m hereby placing myself on a fact-finding mission to uncover just what those things are! What I’m planning to do in the very near future is compose some ‘side-by-sides’ of color and black and white flower photos. I consider this my first ‘real scientific blog experiment’ so I’ll be looking for additional data to support or deny my claims!

I’m aware many parts of the world are experiencing winter and all the things winter weather means. Along with my floral case studies and photos, I hope one or two winter-weary souls feels a little uplifted as the flowers keep coming. Hold on, Spring and its riotous colors (to compliment the warmer weather!) are hopefully on the way soon!

K’lee L.© 2015

4 thoughts on “Flower Photography: The Other Side of the Black and White Experiment

    1. Thank you very much for your kindness! I’m sorry to hear there’s that much snow. My mind can’t begin to process those numbers! At least I’m able to provide one reminder of what’s at the end of winter’s challenges!

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