kDesignationz: Welcome to My Redbubble Spot!

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A new graphic of an old (er) idea. I call it Venusian Moon Glow

Greetings and welcome to my Redbubble spot! I’ve had a link to this store up on my profile page for a while, but I’m just now getting around to creating some posts to support it a bit more. I chose Redbubble to spotlight more of my artistic endeavors because I like what they’re about, the products they sell, while not as extensive as some other sites, are ones I like and feel my art looks pretty decent on.

So, with that said, I hereby provide a first link to a main store page Here you’ll get an idea of some of the work I’ve been doing as well as ideas on what’s to come.

A second link is to… wait for it LEGGINGS Now I know these are certainly not for every one, but I was asked to include them in my shop so here they are! If nothing else, let me know what you think of the designs if you are curious enough to take a peek?

There’ll be more postings as time goes on. I realize my plate is getting kind of full, but when I’m creating on any level and in any genre…

it’s all good.


K’lee L. as kDesignationz on Redbubble!

6 thoughts on “kDesignationz: Welcome to My Redbubble Spot!

    1. Thank you, Eva! I appreciate your comments more than I can say. Of late it seems like I’ve broken through some invisible barrier allowing me to simply create and ‘follow the feeling’. Whatever it is… I’m grateful beyond measure.

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