Flower Photography: Misty in the Morning at the Pacific Orchis Expo

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Once more into the Pacific Orchid Expo to rediscover these beautiful blooms. – K’lee L.

I’ve already mentioned I took hundreds of photos of the orchids on display at the recent Pacific Orchid Expo, held here in San Francisco’s Fort Mason. I now wish I took a few of the entire exhibition space just to show how overwhelming the event was. I consider myself lucky having witnessed it and luckier still to have the time to really check out all of the flowers. Raising my camera in some cases became ‘afterthought’ in the presence of so much natural beauty.

Still, while memory is a good thing and I’m happy to have mine, the photos will last longer, stretching into a future I may or may not be here to attend. I guess it’s the smaller orchids like the ones in the above photo which bring home the point of why we should all treasure nature whenever we can. It’s not easy to spend time outdoor when the wind chill factor reads in the minus numbers, but Spring will follow Winter as it always does.

Perhaps when you see that first green shoot forcing its way up through frozen earth, or the beginnings of a flowering plant returning from its slumber you’ll feel a bit like me at this orchid expo; humbled by and grateful for Mother Nature and a flower we call orchids.

K’lee L. copyright 2015

11 thoughts on “Flower Photography: Misty in the Morning at the Pacific Orchis Expo

    1. Oh, so you and your wife know how overwhelming it is! It’s funny how when I got home, I thought one hundred or so was probably all I had. Nice to be surprised with a couple hundred more!
      Thank you for the comment(s)!


    1. Thank you. I remember a woman saw me sort of frozen at the entrance with camera in hand, but not yet shooting. She said: ‘If you’re already in shock, you’re gonna be here a long time!’ She was right and hours ended up feeling like mere minutes! This was my first time at a show like this and all I can say is …wow. I’m ready for another one…

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