KLDesignz: Zazzle Feature of the Day, The Chromatic Tiger/Tigress!

It’s a new day, which must mean there’s a new graphic infusing itself to some new products over at KLDesignz, my hangout at Zazzle! First up for the tiger graphic is one of my favorite standbys, the sweatshirt. We’ve months to go before REAL warm weather arrives so sweatshirts are still making sense to me on the cooler mornings and occasional evenings.

I didn’t forget the ladies, and while this isn’t a full on heavier sweatshirt, at least it is long-sleeved!

Filling out today’s trio of items is the old classic t-shirt for… when it does get warm OR you’re indoors and have a bit more control over whether you want it to be warmer!

The original photo this ‘chromatic’ black and white tiger was born from will more than likely be the subject of another wildlife posting here on the Obzervashunal. In the meanwhile the chromatic cat does fit right in with my latest round of posts!

K’lee L. © 2015

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