Morning Photography: Sepia Tones Transform a San Francisco Morning Sky

San Francisco, Bay Area, urban, city, cityscape, architecture, buildings, sepia, black and white, photography

More sepia toning as clouds race across the morning bay sky. – K’lee L.

My first photographic experiment with sepia toning took place not too long ago at the Sutro Baths near Ocean beach here in San Francisco. That trial and the photos created proved to me filtering a photo through a sepia tone is a great way to lend a shot something dramatic, moody, and as Ramaink commented, nostalgic.

For a second try, I took some photos of downtown’s high rises, giving them the same filtering as the earlier shots. I went for more shadows on the lower parts of the buildings and more light up top to let the clouds and coming sunlight through.

One of the things I enjoy with using filtering (in software form) is the chance of using a little or a lot depending on what you want as an end result.

more to come in the near future!

K’lee L. © 2015


14 thoughts on “Morning Photography: Sepia Tones Transform a San Francisco Morning Sky

    1. Eva, you rock!
      You know the ironic thing for me is the look of the actual day… totally different in colors and vibe, but I’m learning with the filtering of each photo the original mood will change. Sometimes the mood changes into something you don’t fully expect! Thanks again for your excellent input!

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      1. We have a ton of construction going on here and its like I live in a city of cranes. I find myself staring at the skyline and the towering yellow beast much more often than usual. Beautiful.

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        1. That feels like a potentially cool story line! Actually we’ve got construction happening here on a pretty regular basis too. Some of it , because of the wide open spaces surrounding it has a decidedly alien feel… It’s good you can see the beauty in it.


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