A Selection of Redbubble iPhone Case Possibilities

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A portion of the design assortment I’ve done for iPhones at Redbubble

The above graphic is a quartet of images I created and have available as smart phone case. You can see the rest of what I’ve done so far for the iPhone at kDesignationz, my virtual space for all things Redbubble. My main kDesignationz page can be found here.

UPDATE! While tinkering around on the main Redbubble site, I found a very nice, ever so smart in depth explanation of how they go about putting together the final product. I’m not sure why I’m just finding it, but if you’re curious, here’s a link. I’ll be adding similar links to each of my future kDesignationz posts because I should! K’lee L. © 2015

4 thoughts on “A Selection of Redbubble iPhone Case Possibilities

    1. Thanks Margaret!!! Funny how sometimes it takes creating your own system of creating before you feel free to…um, create! All that to say I’m beginning to enjoy the process more and thanks again for your support.

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