More kDesignationz Phone Cases for Samsung’s Galaxy S3, S4, and S5 Models

Never let it be said I didn’t include a few phone case options for those of you (myself included!) sporting Samsung’s Galaxy line of smart phones.

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Redbubble allows our designs for the S3; S4, and S5 variants. As Samsung just released the new S6 and S6 Edge (pretty cool looking design!), I have a feeling they may find a spot on the site’s roster at some point.

KLDesignz, Zazzle, galaxy phone cases, Samsung phone cases, beach photography, moon photography

I include a few of the graphics I used, most are also used for regular posts along the way. I might as well give them a little more to do.

moon, science fiction, Venus, ocean, sea, water, fantasy, Redbubble, kDesignationz

As with my previous post for the iPhone line of cases at my kDesignationz spot, I offer this link to see the full array of S3,S4, and S5 cases.

UPDATE! While tinkering around on the main Redbubble site, I found a very nice, ever so smart in depth explanation of how they go about putting together the final product. I’m not sure why I’m just finding it, but if you’re curious, here’s a link. I’ll be adding similar links to each of my future kDesignationz posts because I should!

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