Flower Photography: Do You Have It In Orange?

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More Pacific Orchid Expo goodness- K’lee L.

I’m pretty sure I saw a color challenge posting in my morning blog reading/discovering/adventuring. The color orange was mentioned which instantly took me back to the Pacific Orchid Expo of a week or so ago here in San Francisco. There weren’t that many orange orchids on display for some reason. I did snap this one and from several angles, I think this is the angle showing them both in their best light and best position. The awesome ‘greenage’ in the background didn’t hurt either.

K’lee L. © 2015

6 thoughts on “Flower Photography: Do You Have It In Orange?

    1. Believe me, Joaquim, I am so ready to see it with my own eyes! There are too many places to list when I think about traveling again, but you have to start somewhere, right?
      Can I ask, what was the first ‘distant land’ you visited and what impression did it initially have on you?

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      1. My first distant land was a professional assignment to Thailand for 1 month in 1997 which I postponed 3 times because I lived in my comfort zone and did not want to travel so that far to a “strange” place, until my boss said, no more! You have to go or I have to replace you! I returned home for Christmas on that year and my question to my boss was “when will I return to that exotic place?”. My boss said, after the New Year to give a conference and if that goes well you will get a 3 years contract if you wish so… 🙂 I just sopped travelling last year because somehow we have to stop and enjoy life in a different way. But I finally did never regretted my decision in 1997 🙂

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        1. Joaquim, that’s a great story! I think lots of people can relate when you mention ‘not wanting to leave your comfort zone’. Yet if we allow ourselves to be open to the newness, great things can and often do happen.

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