Flower Photography: Do You Have It In Orange?

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More Pacific Orchid Expo goodness- K’lee L.

I’m pretty sure I saw a color challenge posting in my morning blog reading/discovering/adventuring. The color orange was mentioned which instantly took me back to the Pacific Orchid Expo of a week or so ago here in San Francisco. There weren’t that many orange orchids on display for some reason. I did snap this one and from several angles, I think this is the angle showing them both in their best light and best position. The awesome ‘greenage’ in the background didn’t hurt either.

K’lee L. © 2015

6 thoughts on “Flower Photography: Do You Have It In Orange?

    • Believe me, Joaquim, I am so ready to see it with my own eyes! There are too many places to list when I think about traveling again, but you have to start somewhere, right?
      Can I ask, what was the first ‘distant land’ you visited and what impression did it initially have on you?

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      • My first distant land was a professional assignment to Thailand for 1 month in 1997 which I postponed 3 times because I lived in my comfort zone and did not want to travel so that far to a “strange” place, until my boss said, no more! You have to go or I have to replace you! I returned home for Christmas on that year and my question to my boss was “when will I return to that exotic place?”. My boss said, after the New Year to give a conference and if that goes well you will get a 3 years contract if you wish so… 🙂 I just sopped travelling last year because somehow we have to stop and enjoy life in a different way. But I finally did never regretted my decision in 1997 🙂

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