Orange Obzervashunz: Honoring The Color Orange Collage Style!

orange items, collage, moon, Ferrari, sunrise,  orange flowers. butterflies, color orange, exotic cars

One photo is never enough to honor any color!
– K’lee L.

In my previous post I used a recently shot cluster of orchids to highlight the color orange. Looking back on it, and spotting several examples of collages different people made for the same purpose in the last few days, I decided to retrace my steps and hunt through my photographic archives for a few more orange-based shots. It seems I had more than I realized, so I chose these six:

A butterfly on an orange flower (from a butterfly exhibit); a ferocious orange Ferrari (from one of the ongoing exotic car shows happening here in San Francisco); a flower shot (I think it’s an experiment in ‘x-ray filtering’???); a crazy orange sunrise (a pit stop on a bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge); The Harvest Moon (well, one of several from last year’s ‘year of the moon’ for me and the camera!); and lastly, a somewhat ‘overcooked’ sunset at the ocean (I may or may not have a better shot of this in a previous post!) So there you have it, my ‘orange obzervashunz’ for March! I enjoyed piecing these photos together so much… I’ll have to do another, but not for orange. It’s already been done… K’lee L. © 2015

7 thoughts on “Orange Obzervashunz: Honoring The Color Orange Collage Style!

  1. Love orange, such a rich warm happy color. Beautiful gallery, well put together, like how you picked different subject for this challenge. The Harvest Moon is “the” perfect subject, most beautiful shot! BTW I like your new theme, looks great with the background image. Have a super nice weekend!

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    1. Eva! You always make me smile… Thank you for that and for being a brilliant light in a world so in need of additional light! Never let anyone take it away from you… have a phenomenal weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

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