Nature Photography and the Coming of the Light

Got an invite to one of my favorite places yesterday morning, the ocean. The ocean comes up lots in my words, graphics, and my photography. This post isn’t about the ocean, sorry. It is about, as my title hints, the coming of the light. I use the phrase to simply mean the coming of Spring.

I consider myself real fortunate I’m not one of millions coming out of a harsh, freezing, or just plain uncomfortable winter environment into Spring. Living in California is a blessing in many ways, the weather is definitely one of them.

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The coming of Spring brings the coming of more LIGHT! -K’lee L.

Daylights Savings Time happened yesterday, meaning we moved our clocks up one hour and for some, get to enjoy an extra hour of light. This is a big deal for me as I’m a notoriously early riser and like to think I’m being rewarded somehow by getting up early.

The above picture isn’t too recent, but it is a Spring picture, so I’m using it to represent my ideas on the coming of light, again taken from that title up above.

One of these days I’ll dedicate a bit more time to macro photography, the kind that brings me in for an extreme closeup of this fellow (or lady!) in the flower. There are all kinds of details to be seen from a dedicated macro lens you won’t see from this distance.

Still, I’m OK with this shot. It is showing a bee possibly finishing his ‘flower business’ and emerging into a well lit day and ready for more adventures…

…just in time for the coming of Spring!

K’lee L. © 2015

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