Outdoor Photography: Don’t Forget Your Daily Greens

outdoors, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, trees, the color green, collage of nature, outdoor photography

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little green to your daily. – K’lee L.

Every now and then the weather gods and goddesses get together and grant a fantastic day. The quartet of shots above are all ‘phone shots’ I’m every bit as satisfied with as I would be if I’d had my ‘real camera’ out for a dedicated shoot.

Having recently honored the color orange   with a collage of photos from my archives, I decided to throw together another foursome from today’s adventure out in nature. I might also add this is a brand new spot a little extra hiking bought me to as a reward. I even got some much needed editing done on the book! (before taking photos of course!)

Spring is in the air, and no color in my mind says it more than the color green. There are of course a few other cool colors happening in these shots, but it’s the greens that shine in my humble obzervashun!

K’lee L. © 2015

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