Dawn Photography: Lessons in Not Dropping the Camera!

dawn, Port of San Francisco, morning photography, architecture, buildings reflections, mirror images

while out and about, I keep my head on a 360!
– K’lee L.

I’m pretty sure this was one of those ‘close calls’ where I came dangerously close to dropping my phone at the sight imprinting itself behind me on the early morning Port of San Francisco skyline. I mean, it’s not like the view is new to me, but then again, THIS complete view was new to me; caught me off guard and everything! I’ve posted a few recent shots from this sector of the cityscape with the sun a bit higher in the sky. Sunlight vs semi-dark? Two very different concepts that provoke different reactions from me. I’ve got no favorite between the two; both can provide amazing views even when you’re talking a scant thirty minute to an hour time difference. One more time to be thankful for having a means to record a sky showing off all kinds of natural beauty. The architecture of this area speaks for itself. Lit up from the previous night; casting reflections on the bay’s water, check. There to the left, the sun beginning it’s reclaiming of the dawn, while the moon is not only still in the sky, but at an angle above the peak of the illuminated clock tower… yes, more please. All these reasons I tie together in a single lesson: Sometimes it’s worth keeping your head on a ‘360’ swivel; taking in everything around you. The rewards at times can be way beyond anything you imagined. You may not always feel the need for a photo, but why not with a scene like this. K’lee L. © 2015

11 thoughts on “Dawn Photography: Lessons in Not Dropping the Camera!

    1. Thanks, my friend! I am intrigued by this poetry challenge… one question: does each of the ten lines need to have the word ‘love’ in it, or ‘love’ needs to appear at least once withing the span of ten lines?

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    2. Alright… it’s up and running!!! My humble attempt at a love poem… maybe a first if you don’t count a few love songs I’ve both written and performed back in the day! Let me know what you think?

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