My First Poetry Challenge: All About Love

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Can parrots ever NOT be fantastic looking?

One of the original Princes of Poetry, SimplyComplex offered me a poetry challenge which I decided to try.
One must do the following:
A poem about Love that is ten lines long, four words for each line, the word love has to be included in each line, and finally add a favorite quote about love at the end!
Here is the link

Here is my attempt!

Love is touching hands,
Love abides that understands,
Love ventures into night,
Love makes darkness light,
Love causes shed tears,
Love washes away fears,
Love chases blues away,
I love rainy dayz,
Love creates a timelessness,
Love cures my restlessness.

K’lee L. copyright 2015

Favorite Love Quote: ‘Love like a ring has no end.’ – Russian Proverb

10 thoughts on “My First Poetry Challenge: All About Love

    1. Lol! Thanks, my friend! I’m now convinced my Muse is trying to tell me to stop playing around and get back to writing more! I’m officially listening… and writing. I’m also inspired to write more by a number of exceptional poets and writers I’ve met here on the WP… such as yourself! Thank you.

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