Storyteller: Is This The End? On Bringing Your Story to a (Self) Satisfying Conclusion

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to dream is to imagine a world of possibilities…

I’ve decided to make more time to write. There’s nothing too unusual in a writer deciding to write more, I suppose. I make the pronouncement mainly because I’ve been rediscovering both why I write and how much pleasure there is in writing for me.

I enjoy stories; both the telling and the reading of them. I like being transported to a different place, time, or world and these days I feel more inspired then ever to be the creator of those places, times, and worlds.

One of the places I’ve gone to ‘get back to it’ are my older posts; pieces written months ago and basically left on their own- until now!

I (re) titled this post, ‘Storyteller: Is This The End? On Bringing Your Story to a (Self) Satisfying Conclusion’ so as to keep the main theme of the original post; that of telling and finishing a story. but also to expand on those original ideas of finishing a story in a way that is satisfying to both reader and writer.

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The owl in some cultures represents wisdom.

One of the truths I’ve come across lately in my writing is how important it is for me/you, the writer to feel satisfied with what I’ve/you’ve written. It the story you’ve told one you’d want to read if it were newly presented to you?  This is a question I’m using on a regular basic as a checkpoint of sorts as I conclude other stories. It’ll help me gauge whether the story moves me in all the ways I expect a story to move me.

When it comes to big projects; novel writing, this kind of self-check becomes even more important- at least it has for me. Concluding a book involved all kinds of processes; the kind my humble blog post won’t at this time expound on, but if you’re the author of a book who’s somehow found my post, you’ll know what I mean!

In the end, even the shortest stories we write must satisfy us first. Is this selfish? Undoubtedly, but also necessary in my humble obzervashun!

K’lee L. © 2014/2015

6 thoughts on “Storyteller: Is This The End? On Bringing Your Story to a (Self) Satisfying Conclusion

    1. Thanks, as always, Eva! Yes I’ve walked a long road to discovering ‘my truth’. I finally understand the importance of living it whether everyone ‘gets it’ is irrelevant! It simply needs to be expressed, which I think is true for us all?

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    1. Oddly enough, books and a real love of reading (thanks to my mother!) came first in my life. As I zero in on the completion of my first novel for me it makes sense to simply write more. It’s a great boost to my confidence to get support for these short stories and conceptual pieces… more to come!


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