Sepia Photography: San Francisco’s Most Notable Two Towers

Lord of the Rings, the two towers, San Francisco, Coit Tower, Tranamerica Pyramid, sepia photography, black and white photography, urban landscape, cityscape

Daring another ‘Lord of the Rings’ reference? Yes!

San Francisco has a number of iconic pieces of architecture dotting her skyline. In this photo on the right is Coit Tower in the North Beach sector of the city. To the left you can just make out the Transamerica Pyramid rising through the morning mist at the entrance to the Financial District/North Beach/Little Italy sector.

Leave it to my overactive imagination to see ‘The Two Towers’ of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ saga. I know, for some it’s a BIG stretch, but not for me. I’m pretty sure I thought of it before I even took the camera out…

Oh, I titled this, ‘The Two Towers of the Moon’ because if you look up and right from the Transamerica Pyramid, there’s a nice half-moon glowing in the sky!

…just adds to the ‘Lord of the Rings’ feel in my humble obzervashun!

K’lee L. © 2015

8 thoughts on “Sepia Photography: San Francisco’s Most Notable Two Towers

    1. Yes, Hakeem, I highly recommend it! San Francisco is a fantastic city; always changing, but staying the same in some of the most important ways I guess. If you visit in the traditional summer months, be sure to bring WARM clothing!

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    1. Hey, Benjii, thanks for your comment! I think my picture didn’t do what my eyes saw complete justice and this is the ‘sepia toned’ version, but still I’m happy with it and seeing that view gave me a nice life to the rest of my day!

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