For the Love of Nature: Pink Cherry Blossoms Across Deep Blue Skies

cherry blossoms, the color pink, the great outdoors, colors in nature, photos of flowers

Around these parts Cherry Blossoms don’t hang around for long!

With Spring still more new than old for those of us dealing with several distinct seasons each year, I figured what better time to spotlight the surreal beauty of cherry blossoms. I shot this one in one of my after work hangouts of late, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

I actually like the fact that these blossoms don’t stick around long. They show up, show off for a short while, and then are replaced by a sea of green; as Mother Nature intended.

I’d also add with today being Good Friday and this Sunday is Easter Sunday, flowers hold even more significance for many in various religions around the world.

However you spend this weekend, here’s hoping it’s under blue skies and pink blossoms!

K’lee L. © 2015

12 thoughts on “For the Love of Nature: Pink Cherry Blossoms Across Deep Blue Skies

    1. Thanks, Eva! I’ll be sure to enjoy and remain in a state of appreciation through the weekend. My weekend begins with hopefully waking in time to see and film the Lunar Eclipse! Hope you too enjoy your weekend!!!

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    1. Yes! There are nice here. I found a spot in an office park with an actual canopy running fifty feet or so over the sidewalk. I’m always so mesmerized my it, I forget to take pics!


    1. Thank you and glad you saw it as I saw it! Easter weekend and flowers should be an automatic combination! The Cherry Blossoms here might not be as expansive as they are on the East Coast or Japan, but they’re nice.

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