kDesignationz New Design at Redbubble: All Aboard The Full Moon Cruiser!

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This ‘FULL MOON CRUISER’ will get you to the moon and back in time for supper!
-K’lee L.

For those of us attempting to operate several websites, blogs, or various ‘social media’ outlets, it can be challenging to say the least! Besides The Obzervashunal, my main blog here on the WP, I also enjoy the creative process kDesignationz, my site at RedBubble affords me. The variety of ‘art objects’ I’ve created there continue to grow and I’m always looking for a better way to share the news here at Obzervashunal and a few other sites. As in the past, a new post letting you guys and gals see what’s in the works seems to work out all right, so I’ll stick with that methodology. The new graphic above is one I’m calling, ‘Full Moon Cruiser’. It represents a combination of things I like from Full Moons (thank you 2014!), to rain, to cruise ships, and of course creating graphics based on my photography. The way this link works is it initially takes you to a page displaying the ‘Full Moon Cruiser’ poster as posters should be shown; on a wall. Scrolling down just a little will bring you to all the other ‘FMC’ possibilities, done as a tasteful side-scroll! This style of graphic has opened up lots of possibilities for me so hopefully there will be more soon.


K’lee L. © 2015 (kDesignationz)

15 thoughts on “kDesignationz New Design at Redbubble: All Aboard The Full Moon Cruiser!

  1. Wonderful art indeed, love how you developed your style, is very unique and that is what makes it so fascinating! I love, love everything what is “out of the box” or/and one of a kind and you are perfect at making art in that category! Your imagination pulls me into an other dimension and I like to travel, discover uncharted territories and fully enjoying the beauty of it! Keep creating those dimensions of another world!

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    1. You’re making me blush, Eva… and that ain’t easy! Thank you, as always for the kindness and inspirational nature of your words. You always make me think and want to do my best. I think it’s one more thing we have in common: I’m a big fan of ‘out of the box’ uniqueness and it doesn’t seem to matter what type of artwork… I notice, I celebrate, and am inspired every time… I’ll keep creating if YOU do the same with your wholly unique and beautiful illustrations and photography!


      1. Now then it seems we have a deal! Our unlimited imagination just got a huge boost even do we’re not that kind or type who needs it but it feels great to have some extra motivation and support to support “out of the box” art. Today I celebrate all the artists who are fitting in that specific or/and type of a box.
        Have a super great and creative week!

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        1. Creative boosts are always in style in my humble obzervashun! So, here, here!
          To all artists who dare to think outside the box. May we continue to find reasons to do so and to soar like eagles… or falcons…or even just birds that, um FLY really high!
          Have a super great creative week or SGCW for short!!!

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