Flower Photography: Exotic, Alien Blooms in a Class of Their Own

exotic flowers, colorful plants, multicolored blossoms, unusual plants

… almost seems to belong to another planet, doesn’t it? – K’lee L.

I could have looked up the actual scientific or common name for this unusual flower, but I chose not to. Instead, as I tend to do on a semi-regular basis, I let my imagination take the helm and consider it an alien bloom, some space traveling spore seeking and eventually finding after countless light years life on Earth somewhat agreeable.

I found this exotic plant at San Francisco’s Botanical Gardens, a place well worth the visit especially if you can get there anytime in the first three  to four months of the year when everything is at its riotous, bloom-tastic best!

Beyond the cool colors and jutting angles of this exceptional plant, what I came to appreciate most before raising my trusty Nikon to snap a photo was finding it off the beaten path, deeper in the wooded area then every other flower and plant in the entire botanical garden.

I have a feeling plant and flower placement in such a massive botanical garden have partly to do with the needs of the flora, optimal sun or shade; those kind of things. But what if this one multicolored beauty decided for itself just the right spot… to thrive?

… there’s a story in there somewhere…

K’lee L. © 2015

23 thoughts on “Flower Photography: Exotic, Alien Blooms in a Class of Their Own

  1. It seems so indeed, however I’m glad is native to this planet and showed up her beauty in a most unbelievable design, shape, form and amazing color combo! Is absolutely stunning to the point where I could stare at her for some time! Love your story with the alien spore traveling to find a suitable place, imagine if that is what really happened! Thank for sharing this beautiful alien!:)

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    1. I’m glad too that it chose our planet and San Francisco’s Botanical garden! I do like the idea of it getting to Earth as a space traveler… I have to be careful though, ’cause before you know it, I’m off writing its story! Perhaps one day I will actually invest the time to write it?

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      1. And if you do so may I ask what name that flower will carry? I’m most intrigued by your name choices (as per your story), you have a definite talent for making up super cool names. Ultimately a name would be a good starting point to start a space traveler saga! LOVE anything and everything sci-fi! 🙂

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          1. Interesting proposition but is way out of my league! My imagination is strictly constricted to drawing, my brain muscles are close to none at this exercise and very plain when it comes to such a challenge! I’m honored that you considered me for such a task, I guess I chickened out, for now anyway, but thank you. Perhaps need more time to think out something very “Spacy”!

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  2. I loved what you wrote! In Brazil we call this flower by Bird of Paradise … and her name really has his reasons to be … As you described: so beautiful and different that seems to belong to another planet. I’ve painted a watercolor of that flower. It’s hard to paint the different petals. The petals seem to rotate or rather they seem to spiral.
    So long and I wish for you more good inspirations for photos!

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    1. I will remember this Brazilian name, Tania! Thank you for telling me. It really is something special. Is your painting of this on your blog? I would like to see it if it is online. I thank you for the good wishes. On the day I took this photo I took many more so I will try to share many of them!

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      1. K’lee: my painting is in my blog. Search Results for: “bird of paradise”. The painting is a bit stylized. I think I need to do a painting with a flower most similar to that of your photo.

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        1. I can tell you, it absolutely stunned me. One of those shoots where I didn’t have a clue what I had until after the hummingbird darted away. The man in the park practicing Ti Chi next to me seemed to enjoy my excitement as much as I did getting the shot!

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  3. Fortunately I don’t have to search to find out what the flower is as it hails from my country of birth! The flower is a south African native that’s now growing all over the world. You’d like to know that it’s a distant cousin of the banana…

    If you want to read a little more then here’s a link… if i’ve spoiled your fun then please just delete the link! 😉


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