Outdoor Photography: A San Francisco Vista With a View

outdoor photography, San Francisco vistas, nostalgia, black and white

sometimes the sunniest days make for the best sepia toned photos!
– K’lee L.

The spot is San Francisco’s Strawberry Hill. You can find it high above Golden Gate Park. It’s a good little hike making it up there, but ah, once you do, here’s one of the viewing rewards you’re given for making it! (in full colors, of course!) Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

K’lee L. © 2015

16 thoughts on “Outdoor Photography: A San Francisco Vista With a View

          1. I was lucky enough to live there years ago and it is easily one of the great cities of the world in my opinion. By the way, I went to Europe on a one-way ticket and one hundred dollars in my pocket… another way to say you never know when unusual opportunities might knock on the door…

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  1. Love the sepia toning and love that spot, if I wouldn’t see the top of the Golden Gate bridge I wouldn’t know is San Francisco! Love how you seeking out places where the artist in you comes forward and paints a beautiful image with the camera!

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    1. Hey Eva! Thanks as always for your kindness and support. Yes, I like the GGB sort of hanging over the horizon there! Lately I find myself wanting to explore this city I love more so I can uncover and share more of the places a little ‘off the beaten path’. This one has become real special. Now I need to get that photo of the elusive and majestic red-tailed falcon that likes to glide around over my head! If I do, I’ll be sure to post it.

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