Nature Photography: Comparisons of Color and Sepia Toning

nature photography, San Francisco views, Golden Gate Park hikes. Strawberry Hill San Francisco

Another of my photographic  ‘style comparisons’ … color/ monochromatic /sepia?
-K’lee L.

A post or so ago, I showed the sepia version of this photo. Here then is a chance to compare that post with the ‘real’ view I experienced on that clear, warm day not so long ago… Color? Sepia? You decide… Oh, and the tree stump? It really is there!

K’lee L. © 2015

21 thoughts on “Nature Photography: Comparisons of Color and Sepia Toning

    1. Thanks, Ompong! It’s interesting; the color version is what occurs in nature, it’s the original way. The sepia, while removing all traces of the color, still retains some part of that original essence, allowing it to ‘speak’ to the eye in another way… Both for me have their merits!

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    1. I know what you mean! There’s something to be said for both forms of expression. Standing on that spot looking out over at the arches of the GGB on a bright, sunny day felt fantastic. But looking at the sepia version… there’s some undefinable quality that just works for my eyes too!

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    1. Thank you, Rajiv and yes, the sepia as someone mentioned to me on another post brings a sense of nostalgia, while the color version is perhaps much more of an immediate impact on our senses and emotions?


    1. Thanks for your comment! Funny thing, I didn’t intend the trunk to have that look. When I got home and really looked at it, it surprised me a little that it came out this way. Lately I’ve been learning all about camera aperture (fine tuning) and how to get an entire shot to maintain the same or close to the same focus. I’ll post some of my results of the experiments I’ve done with this concept soon!

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    1. Thanks, Gary! Yes, I do like both for different reasons and different moods I suppose. The word ‘nostalgia’ keeps coming up for me with the sepia version. The color version just brings me immediately back to my being there taking it all in…


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