Nature Photography/Graphics: Flight of the Hummingbird When They Allow You!

botanical gardens, hummingbirds with flowers, collaborations in nature

A graphic montage of hummingbirds at the Botanical Garden of S.F. -K’lee L.

I’m going to dedicate this one to ‘By Hook Or By Book‘ both for her excellent book reviews and because I said I’d do a post featuring the amazingly fast-moving and incredibly cool hummingbirds of San Francisco’s Botanical Garden.

These graphics are based on the photos I shot that day. In most of these instances, I didn’t have a clue WHAT I shot (until making time to check, of course!)  as these guys and gals simply don’t wait around for you to compose a shot. It’s either ya got it, or ya didn’t with hummingbirds.

I feel like I learned enough and was fascinated enough to return and have another go at this. I’m confounded by the fact I underestimated the speed I needed to shoot at… anybody for 1/2000th of a second… and still their wings blurred! Amazing.

K’lee L. © 2015

6 thoughts on “Nature Photography/Graphics: Flight of the Hummingbird When They Allow You!

  1. Magnificent little birds, wonderful images. Actually I appreciate, I love the blur, it shows, accentuates the reality of the speed they have and of course it is different from a “usual” shot, that is a plus in my books! Thanks for sharing such beauty!

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    1. Thanks, Eva! Yes, they’re pretty fascinating. I learned from a friend a quarter of a hummingbird’s weight is in their brain! Must be to make all those ultra split second variations in speed and direction? I hope to have more photos of them as soon as we get another nice weekend!

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