San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge: From Foggy Darkness into the Morning Light!

Golden Gate Bridge photography, San Francisco icons, Marin Headlands

It’s cold, windy, and wet. I wouldn’t have it any other way! K’lee L.

I’ve talked about my love of biking San Francisco’s GGB (Golden Gate Bridge) in a number of previous posts. I’ve talked about the amazing fog phenomena San Francisco experiences in previous posts too. I took this shot about a week ago just because it’s been a while since I’ve snapped a shot of the actual happening.

It’s like this:

The completely cloudy, cold, damp side of the bridge you can’t see is where I start my ride( the San Francisco side). By the time I get to the bridge’s entrance, I’ve already prepared myself for the ride. It’s just about a given on most days like this I’ll get some portion of blue sky by the time I cross.

This is what it looks like from the sunny side. (the Marin County side!)

It’s a cold, windy, and wet ride… but as I consider Earth Day and the miracles of Nature on this big, blue planet… I’d have it no other way!

K’lee L. © 2015

18 thoughts on “San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge: From Foggy Darkness into the Morning Light!

    1. Thanks, Josh! Much appreciated. Just be sure to bring some warm attire as June can be kind of ‘cool’. I hope you have a great time when you’re here and I hope you’ll do a little blogging about it?

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      1. Yeah, I’ve been to the bay in the summer and know it can still e chilly. Gotta love the fog. I will have a good time, and I will definitely blog about it.

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    1. Much appreciated, Brother! The experience of riding across that bridge, not able to see five feet in front of you yet trusting each moment of the ride is bringing you to the other side… into ‘the light’ is absolutely mysterious and addictive in the best ways possible. I will always be drawn to it and love the experience!

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    1. Hey Simon! Thanks for the comment, my friend. I tell you, the picture does not do the ride justice by a long shot! The ride is just a shout away from a spiritual experience… Hope you’re doing well? Let’s talk soon!


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