San Francisco Photography: The Seals of Pier 39

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This may just be my first shot of the seals of Pier 39! K’lee L.

They’ve been scarce lately; the seals of San Francisco’s Pier 39. I both read in the news and heard people discuss their absence from the piers over the past months. I don’t think there was ever a lasting consensus on the reason for the disappearances, but they’re back now, so that’s a good thing.

They are fascinating to watch. Their antics run the gamut from extremely playful; noisy; docile and sleepy, to aloof and mysterious. Oh, and they can be REALLY loud when they want to be…

I happened to be walking past not too long ago and there they were; front and center for all their adoring fans… including me! It seemed only right I discreetly snap a few shots. Believe it or not, this and the handful of other shots I took were a first.

…back when there were only a few stray ones lingering about this same spot on a morning too early for anyone to be out and about (except me!) I tried an experiment… I sang to them! Guess what? They seemed to like it, or were annoyed by it. I can’t be sure which, but I had them swaying… so I’m going to go with them enjoying it. I’ll have to prepare a seal song exclusively for them next time and hope they understand the words… They deserve the honor for all their years of service.

If you’ve never seen them and find yourself visiting San Francisco, do be sure to make the stop. They’re pretty amazing creatures!

K’lee L. © 2015

8 thoughts on “San Francisco Photography: The Seals of Pier 39

  1. Well, the return is good news and I must say must be an interesting attraction on the pier! I personally would enjoy and take some fare amount of shots over they grounds for sure!
    The photo is amazing! Love the blue tone and the light is super lovely shining back from the boats and buildings. Nicely done!

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    1. Thanks, Eva and yes, they’re fascinating, beautiful, and intelligent creatures. Lucky to have caught them at the time I did. I’m not sure how that particular spot became their ‘hangout’, but it’s an ‘attraction’ for sure!

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