City Photography and Urban Landscapes: San Francisco’s Chinatown

San Francisco attractions, neighborhoods, urban landscape, Asian diversity

San Francisco’s Chinatown is still a very cool place to visit. – K’lee L.

OK, so two facts about San Francisco’s Chinatown:

One, it is the largest outside of Asia (I kind of knew this). Two, it is the oldest in the whole of North America (I didn’t know this, but had a feeling…)

Here then is my homage of a collage dedicated to San Francisco’s still very cool, very interesting Chinatown. The idea for this post actually was suggested to me by a fellow blogger here on the WP so it’s for YOU too!

K’lee L. © 2015

15 thoughts on “City Photography and Urban Landscapes: San Francisco’s Chinatown

    1. Thank you for that boost to my confidence!!! I’ve always loved cultures period. I’ve never had to search for a reason to be intrigued or fascinated. I guess that’s why stories float around in my head so easily?

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        1. Thanks a billion, Kim! I feel like the more I step beyond the boundaries of what I think I can do, the more I learn and am willing to apply to my photos, graphics, and writing! I’m finally at a place with the book where I’m beginning to look for reviewers of several chapters… If you’ve got any suggestions or would care to read a bit with the promise of a copy once done, please consider it.

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          1. Excellent! I’ll keep you posted and I guess I should ask if you prefer something akin to a ‘general synopsis’ of the story first? (Sorry, it’s new territory, sort of…)
            I’m thinking it makes reading early chapters a bit easier… or it could be interesting to see it you and other readers tune into the story’s focus without the author saying anything…?

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          2. Surprise it is, then! I’m going to go ahead and say the story is pretty straight forward in terms of what it’s about, how it starts, and where it leads.


    1. Thank you so much, Eva! Chinatown here is definitely worth exploring and getting to know. You’re right in saying the color red is prevalent to Chinese culture. It’s a bold color I don’t work with much, but here it’s really nice. I have a ‘part two’ coming soon. This one represents Chinatown at night.

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