Just a Little Reminder For Us All…

morning at the beach seagulls flying ocean photography

This post is actually a first for me, but I’m thinking and hoping it ends up being a ‘one-time-only’ kind of post. It has to do with memory… remembering actually… Remembering that if we come across some piece of work, a poem, a photo, a graphic, what have you, from another member of our online community we’d like to use to supplement a piece of our own work, we don’t forget to ask permission!

Asking permission before posting with another person’s work is a simple sign of respect, one worth remembering every time.


Well, you never know when someone might come across your work and be so moved by it, they want to use it to enhance their own work… It feels good to have that person ask permission first, right?

OK, sermon over.

It all comes down to the basics of creative respect for our fellow bloggers. Let’s not forget that, it’s kind of important, don’t you think?


K’lee L. © 2015

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