New Works at kDesignationz: Wings of the Great Blue Heron

San Francisco's Botanical GardenGreat Blue Heron, nature photography, birds in flight, Nikon photography

The Great Blue Heron …easily one of my favorite birds in the world! – K’lee L.

It took about thirty minutes, thirty minutes for this magnificent bird to go from hanging out on a high tree branch to taking flight over my head, allowing me to finally take a photo of him/her with wings stretched across the blue vault of San Francisco’s Botanical Garden. Patience, I leaned that day, truly is a virtue!

This rendering of my heron photograph is newly available at kDesignationz, my Redbubble store. Currently, there’s about thirteen supporting items with this theme. They can all be checked out here

6 thoughts on “New Works at kDesignationz: Wings of the Great Blue Heron

    1. Thank you, Kim! I’m enjoying the experimentation and it’s nice to get good response. I laugh when I think about how that heron seemed to know exactly when to take off! I was very lucky to get this shot.

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      1. Thanks, I am having a very good weekend. It’s getting cold here in São Paulo, where I live. But it is a very mild cold. A good temperature. Good end of Sunday for you.

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