Black and White Photography: Rebirth of the Fujifilm S5700

black and white photography, collage of San Francisco, cityscape photos

who says an old camera can’t still surprise?

My old Fujifilm S5700 camera wasn’t getting much use of late. In the past, I’ve given away older cameras so at least they’d continue to get used. For some reason, I decided this one I’d keep. I had and still have a bunch of photos taken with it to justify holding on a little longer.

I won’t list the specs, OK, one: it’s a 7.1 megapixel camera. Now, that’s not very high by today’s standards. Both my smartphone and Nikon have higher specs and have covered my shooting needs for some time now. But, being the ‘mad scientist’ I enjoy being, I decided to break out the S5700 and translate some of the lessons I’ve learned over this past year or so into shooting with an older camera.

The ‘trinity’ points of reference for quality picture-taking- ISO, Aperture. and Shutter Speed are worth making time to understand. Having a good working knowledge of how these three factors work will spice your shots up in no time.

I might also mention just about all of these were shot with the camera’s black and white setting. There are two locations here in San Francisco represented: The Cliff House (the big guy in the middle) along with the surrounding Sutro Heights wooded area. The other spot across town is higher up around the well known Coit Tower/North Beach area.

Let me tell you, when I got home and loaded these shots up, I was more than a little surprised by how they turned out. I say again, the Fujifilm S5700 may not have the highest specs, or interchangeable lenses, or a host of other ‘bells and whistles’ other cameras have, but it is a very capable camera.

There’s little doubt the S5700, ‘the little camera that could’, will head out with me on more shoots. It’s really compact, light, and seemingly crafted for ease-of-use.

I’ve since taken lots more shots with the S5700. The surprises with it just keep coming, so I’ll post a few of these other shots. Some are black and white and some are color shots.

I hereby welcome you back into my photography arsenal, S5700! You’ve proven yourself worthy of the honor!

K’lee L. © 2015

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